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    Jill R. Townsend
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Whether your interest is in racing, showjumping ,dressage, reining, or you ride for your own pleasure: our products provide our customers expansive opportunities for training and rehabilitation. Our product range includes a series of innovative high-tech treadmills. The walking surface inside and outside of water -adjusts to the horse's movements. The use of an equestrian treadmill for conditioning a horse offers several advantages:

  • The variable speed and incline of the treadmill allows the workout to mimic over-ground conditioning. Walking the horse on an incline is a great way of improving stamina and building muscle strength, particularly in the back and hind quarters.
  • The combination of adjustable speed and incline, as well as the ability to control the intensity and duration of a session, provides ample variety in a horse's conditioning program allowing it to be tailored to the horse's specific needs.
  • The treadmill belt provides a smooth, consistent surface, eliminating injuries from uneven footing. Equine treadmills have proven to be particularly useful for rehabilitation work.
  • As they can be contained indoors, requiring remarkably less space than other forms of exercise (such as a horse walker), equine treadmills can be used regardless of the weather.
  • Not only is the equine treadmill an effective method of exercise, but also a great means of monitoring the horse during training. With the horse being relatively stationary to an observer, it is possible for the trainer to quickly observe irregularities in gait, for lameness problems to be detected or to evaluate improvements in horses recovering from injuries....

For all of those older ponies and horses getting low in their back ...

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Improve your model, halter and performance with the gym ... This is a pretty convincing comparison of a horse before and after being on the gym for 7 months. He has totally changed his topline, muscle definition, and general health and well being. He went on the gym two times a day for the first couple of months and worked with an interval 0, 2 and 4 degree incline. His maintenance program has included the gym 3 to 5 times a week.

HORSE GYM treadmill, the "clear" leader in equine treadmills. They have provided Olympians, World Class Drivers, Trainers and Riders the results they have looked for when it comes to conditioning their equine athletes. The clear side panels allow complete observation of your horses' gait and footfall. All of our gyms come with a 2 year warranty on parts and labor. The advantages to your horses, the amount of labor and time it will save to your grooms, riders and trainers as well as the potential of an additional revenue stream will make owning a HORSE GYM one of the best decisions you will make. Our product line also includes the Aquatrainer water treadmill which also has a cold salt water spa option. This treadmill offers the same superior design and quality that HORSE GYM is known for with a large vessel, self cleaning filters and many safety features built in. HORSE GYM also delivers a quantifiable return on your investment by creating new revenue streams and saving time and manpower. 30% of all HORSE GYM treadmills are purchased though our leasing partner making them affordable to all barns. Give us a call to find out how you too can have a HORSE GYM of your own.

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